Probate Services in East Sussex

  Probate Services in Crowborough & East Sussex

Facing a bereavement and don’t know where to start?

Losing a loved one can be one of the most stressful and emotional times of your life.  You may now be facing a big to-do list of probate tasks to manage. It can feel daunting and overwhelming with a will, property, possessions, bank accounts and overall estate planning to sort out correctly. Help is at hand with our friendly, compassionate and reliable probate services in Crowborough and throughout East Sussex. With over 20 years experience, you can rely on us to give you the right advice.

Redshield are Chartered Accounts that offer probate services. There are many advantages to using our Crowborough-based probate service specialists over your traditional probate legal specialists including the facts that:

  • probate is essentially about financial issues, particularly inheritance tax, which is our core area of expertise
  • we are licensed to carry out legal and financial probate and estate administration work by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. (We were one of the first accountancy firms with this status since the law changed from only permitting solicitors and banks to undertake this work.)
  • Redshield offer excellent value for money in terms of fees and can manage the process more quickly because we are experienced in the financial calculations required
  • we will advise you on the estate’s tax liability and guide you through the range of taxes that apply to probate
  • you can ask us for advice on your own future tax burdens if you are a beneficiary.

Contact us for a free initial consultation today. You can rest assured that we provide a personal and confidential service.

What is probate?

Probate and estate administration is the financial and legal process which takes place after someone has passed away. It can be quite complex and time consuming. The main responsibilities within probate the probate process are to ensure that:

  • all relevant taxes are collected
  • money owing to creditors is paid
  • debts owed to the deceased are collected
  • and the remaining assets from the estate are distributed to the relevant beneficiaries.

As you can see this is very much in the realm of our Chartered Accountancy skill set. So why not hand some or all of it over to us - it would be a relief wouldn't it?

What are my next steps for the probate process?

              • The first thing to check is if the deceased was a Redshield client. If they were, we will already have lots of financial information to hand at our offices in Crowborough, East Sussex. If they aren't, we are happy to work with their accountancy firm if they are not licensed to provide probate services.
              • Next, check if probate is required. In some cases you will not be required to go through the probate process eg. if the deceased doesn’t own any property, land or shares and the estate is valued at less than £5,000 all of the contents of the deceased’s estate is held jointly with another and therefore passes automatically to the other joint party.

If you are not sure whether probate will be required, please contact us and we can discuss and confirm this with you.

What is involved in your Probate Services?

Our team undertake probate services in Crowborough and across East Sussex and the process typically incorporates:

  • Finding the will
  • Applying for the grant of representation
  • Administering the estate
  • Preparing estate accounts
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries

You can read more about all these steps and a glossary of terms in this 'Guide to Probate and Estate Administration'

If you would like to talk through any questions regarding probate, please do get in touch. We're happy to help and would love to reduce your stress levels at this emotional time. Don't forget your initial consultation is free.

We are probate specialists and Chartered Accountants with over 20 years experience. We are based in Crowborough and work throughout East Sussex and Kent.

Probate and estate administration services are provided by Redshield Probate Services Ltd, a subsidiary company of Redshield Business Solutions Ltd. Redshield Probate Services Ltd is an inclusive organisation and welcomes those of varying ages and backgrounds.  The firm has a policy to monitor the diversity of its employees and subcontractors and looks to increase the diversity where appropriate.

Redshield Probate Services Ltd
Registered in England No. 09583371. Vat no 237 1396 04
Registered office: New Oaks, Southview Close, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 1HH

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